Which gang will win the street ?!
NFT GAMING·PLAY-TO-EARN·Territory control




The goal of WAR THUGZ

Win the gang war by earning the highest number of THZ points (respect points).

  • Strategy game turn-based
  • Territory control
  • Gambling
  • Community events
  • Missions

Win the Gang War and Win Rewards !!

The gain can be a token ($SOL or another one, to be determined) and/or a NFT.




Earn THZ

Controlling different places of the map will allow you to gain THZ but also to strengthen your attack, your defense or have a strategic advantage.

Places card :

  • Cannabis Field
  • Weapon Factory
  • Outfit Store
  • Security Center & WatchTower
  • Checkpoint

Or gain THZ thanks to :

  • Gambling
  • Missions
  • Community events




Rarity Score

Each Thugz stands out by unique designs and individual rarity. There are also mythics Thugz waiting for you to discover.

The rarity score is taken into account when a gang attacks a neighborhood. This score may vary between each war.





  • Face off against other gangs by sending your best members
  • Accomplish the mission
  • Show your strength
  • Recruit members with various skills

Earn THZ

Skill required :

  • Good view
  • Brain teaser
  • Memory
  • Speed





The first one that eliminates the target that has :

  • Beard
  • Glasses
  • Earring
  • Hat
  • Gold necklace

You only have one chance, if you are wrong you will lose THZ, and if an opponent shoots the target before you, it is a loss for you !!


30 THZ

Wrong target 

-20 THZ





Each gang starts the war with its own neighborhood on the map representing its HQ.

Optimize your HQ strategically : a predefined number of points must be distributed over the different base buildings.

HQ cards :

  • CBD Store
  • Bunker
  • Armory
  • Hacking room




Crypto Gambling

Earn THZ points by betting on the price evolution (rise or fall) of a Shitcoin and a Top Altcoin voted by the gang on each game turn.




Collaborative and strategic game

  • Create your gang or join one
  • Recruit members
  • Chat with your gang in a private space
  • Decide collectively on the game actions

Are you going to recruit affectionately or strategically (Rarity score, mission expert, gambling pro, …) ?



Ready for the fight ?!!



The final number of THZ points is calculated at the end of all game turns. The gang with the highest score at the end of the 7 game turns takes control of the city and wins the Gang War !!!